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Unique Questions to Ask in a College Interview


Interviews play an essential role in college admission processes. Oftentimes, people misunderstand interview processes completely. The general idea a lot of people have about college interviews is that it’s simply a question and answer session, which is partially correct, where the interviewer gets to ask the questions and the candidate responds to the questions asked. And all they think of is preparing to answer possible questions that could be posed at them. Preparing yourself to be able to answer college interview questions is not wrong, it’s perfect actually, however, there are unique questions to ask also in a college interview.

While the college is looking to find out whether you are their ideal candidate or not, you, on the other hand, should be looking to find out whether the college and its environment is the best place for you. 

There are unique questions to ask in a college interview which you will get to find out later in this article. 


Understanding the College Interview Process

College interviews are very vital in admission processes, we know, and this is the only way both the college and the applicant can go beyond what’s written on the application and connect on a more personal level. Thus, we won’t just dive into the subject matter, but rightly start from somewhere. By understanding the college interview process, you can effectively prepare yourself and leave a positive and lasting impression during the interview.


What is The Purpose of The College Interview?

Understanding the purpose of college interviews is a step closer to effective preparation. The primary aim of a college interview is for the college to assess whether the applicant is fit for their academic programs and campus community. They use this method to evaluate an applicant’s personality, character, communication skills, and potential contributions to the college environment. While from your perspective as the applicant, the interview is your chance to elaborate on their accomplishments and aspirations, and to express how you can make a positive impact as a student of the college.


Types of College Interviews

From understanding the purpose, you should also have insights into the various types of college interviews. A lot of people will only picture themselves and the interview in a closed or open space. Well, in the past it was so, but it’s different now.


  • In-Person Interviews: Traditionally, college interviews were conducted on-campus or in a designated location and overseen by an admissions officer, alumni, or a current student representative. However, due to various circumstances, as we witnessed with the COVID-19 pandemic, virtual interviews have become increasingly common.
  • Virtual Interviews: With the advancement of tech these past years, virtual interviews have become more common. Video conferencing platforms like Zoom, Skype, or Google Meet are now used in conducting virtual interviews . In addition, these interviews mirror the in-person format, but applicants interact with interviewers remotely.
  • Alumni Interviews: Some colleges arrange interviews with local alumni who act as interviewers on their behalf. But interestingly, alumni interviews are location dependent. The interview can either be In-Person or Virtual, depending on the location of the interviewer. 


Preparation for the College Interview

This is a big step you must take towards the interview. There are a few things you must do in preparation for the college interview. Preparation includes:


  • Researching the College: Browse through the college’s website, explore their academic programs, faculty, extracurricular opportunities, and any recent news or accomplishments. Besides, the more you know about the college, the better you can tailor your answers and questions during the interview.
  • Academic Accomplishments: Do you have any award or recognition to your name? Get yourself familiar with those because you could end up in a situation where you will have to talk about it.
  • Practice Interviewing: In preparation for a college interview, a mock interview is also within the scope of consideration. You can organize a mock interview with friends, family members, or even your school counselors and practice answering common interview questions. All in all, this will help boost your confidence during the actual interview.


Interview Etiquette and Tips

What should you do, how should you behave, and what not to do and how not to behave in a college interview; the dos and don’ts: 


  • Be Appropriately Dressed: Firstly, dress in a manner that reflects your respect for the occasion and the college. While it may not always be necessary to wear formal attire for virtual interviews, dressing neatly and professionally is recommended.
  • Punctuality: Secondly, whether it’s an in-person or virtual interview, arrive or log in on time. Punctuality shows how responsible and respectful you are.
  • Establish Rapport: Generally, you are expected to greet your interviewer with a firm handshake (if in person) and since you are in no life and death situation, wearing a friendly smile is necessary. In virtual interviews, maintain eye contact by looking directly at the camera, and ensure to use a professional background.
  • Actively Listen to the Interviewer: Practice active listening; pay attention and respond thoughtfully. Don’t interrupt your interviewer and make sure your responses directly address the questions asked.
  • Ask, ask, and ask. This will be discussed in the following sections.


College Interview Questions To Look Out For!

You are definitely going to answer a lot of questions! Generally, what type of questions should you anticipate?


Background Questions

Expect questions about your academic achievements, extracurricular activities, leadership roles, and personal interests. And be prepared to provide examples that illustrate your experiences and character.


College-Specific Questions

Your Interviewer may likely ask you why you’re interested in attending their college, what you hope to achieve there, and also, how you see yourself contributing to the college community.


Behavioral Questions

These are questions aimed at understanding your ability to handle challenges, work in teams, or how you resolve conflicts. There is a method known as the “STAR (Situation, Task, Action, Result) method”; use this method to structure your responses.


Unique Questions to Ask in a College Interview

At this point, you are basically almost ready to meet your Interviewer, but something is still missing. Since you aren’t just going there to answer questions, you should also be prepared to ask questions. 

There are unique questions to ask in a college interview, I will be sharing them with you below.

In a college interview, it’s better that you should begin with academic related questions:


Question 1: “How does the college encourage interdisciplinary studies and research collaborations among students and faculty?”    


Question Intent: Asking this question will tell your interviewer that indeed you are not only focused on excelling in your chosen major but also eager to engage in cross-disciplinary learning and research collaborations within the college. Furthermore, the Interviewer’s response will give you insights into how committed the college is in fostering a dynamic and innovative learning environment.


Question 2: “Can you share a specific example of how the college’s academic support system has helped a student overcome challenges?”


Question Intent: This is the best way to access the college’s level of academic support and deepen your understanding of the potential challenges facing the students in the college. 


Meanwhile, you will want to have an understanding of the campus life and students’ interaction. These questions are the best way to find out:


Question 3: “What are some unique campus traditions that foster a strong sense of community among students?”


Question Intent: Campus traditions are a significant factor that helps in building a sense of belonging and shared experiences among students. This question gives you a glimpse into the college’s culture, values, and the ways students come together to celebrate their collective identity in the college.


Question 4: “How does the college support students in pursuing extracurricular interests outside the classroom?”


Question Intent: It is expected of every college candidate to have a sense of commitment to personal growth. You will find out, through this question, the numerous types of activities in the college for students to help them pursue their passions and develop leadership skills beyond academics.


Likewise, I will recommend you inquire about the opportunities within the college, very important.


Question 5: “Could you tell me more about the internships or experiential learning opportunities available for students in my intended major?”


Intent: it will provide an overview of the industry connections, partnerships, and even the college’s efforts to facilitate valuable internship experiences. 


Question 6: “How does the college facilitate networking and connections with alumni in relevant industries?”


Question Intent: Provide details about the college’s alumni network and how they support current students’ career aspirations. Moreover, as a college student, networking, as an important factor in career development, cannot be neglected.


Next, find out the college’s plans for students’ future.


Question 7: “What career services does the college provide to help students transition successfully from college to their chosen careers?”


Question Intent: This question expresses your concern for post-graduation success. It reflects your dedication to take charge of your future. A good response should outline career counseling, job placement services, resume workshops. It should also contain details of alumni networking events put in place by the college .


Question 8: “Can you share some success stories of alumni who have made a significant impact in their fields after graduating from this college?”


Question Intent: Show your interest in the college’s capacity to raise successful and influential people. A good response will give insights into the achievements of notable alumni, their career trajectories. Inclusively, even the role the college play in supporting their journey.

Evidently, without doubts, these are unique questions to ask in a college interview. And you will leave a positive and lasting impression on your interviewer.


Unique Questions to Ask in a College Interview: 4 Reasons Why They are Important!


Sets You Apart from Other Applicants

During college admission processes, a lot of candidates are put through the interview process. Thus, how you respond to questions, and how you ask unique and insightful questions, will help you stand out from the crowd. 


Helps You Assess College

The college interview is not just an opportunity for the college to evaluate you; it’s also a chance for you to assess whether the college aligns with your values and goals. 


Shows How Much of a Critical Thinker You Are

Thoughtful questions require critical thinking! Critical thinking depicts your ability to approach challenges with an open mind and seek solutions through active engagement. The college appreciates critical thinkers.


Acquire Knowledge That Goes Beyond the Brochure

College websites and brochures provide you with information about the school and its activities. However, they might not necessarily cover every aspect that matters to you.

In addition, asking unique questions—about the college, its program, its community, etc., during a college interview shows the level of your enthusiasm. It shows that you’ve taken your time to research and that you are genuinely excited about the possibility of attending the school. Admissions officers are more likely to admit students whom they believe are genuinely interested in attending their school. Your questions are ways to measure your seriousness—that you are not simply interviewing at the college as a formality. And interviewers will see that you regard it as a potential home for your academic and personal growth.

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At this stage, the problem should no longer be about the unique questions you can ask in a college interview. Rather, how can you make the interview a memorable one? By following the guidelines and making use of the list of unique questions provided in this article, you can confidently approach your college interview and leave a lasting impression. Keep in mind that the interview is an opportunity to put your best self on display. It’s also an opportunity to find the perfect college fit for your academic and personal growth. I will be waiting to hear your success story!

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